Friday, May 28, 2010


By Anne Rivers Siddons

Maude's husband's family always spend the summers at "The Retreat" in Maine. And as a young bride Maude finds herself a bit of an outsider at this gathering of her husband's family and relatives. A Southerner, Maude doesn't really fit in with her husband Peter's Boston relatives. For one thing, there's the mean mother-in-law to cope with. Also the creepy alcoholic husband of Maude's best friend. And to make matters worse, Maude's husband is distant, depressed and apt to disappear, off sailing, just when she needs him the most. But, as the years pass, Maude adapts and copes and finds her place among her husband's family, while raising her own children and coping with her erratic husband. Along the way she deals with various family problems and tragedies, including rumors that Peter fathered another woman's child.

I can't say I cared for this book. I found it way too long and rather boring.

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