Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Every Demon Has His Day

By Cara Lockwood

Constance Plyd's life is turned upside down the day her husband is stabbed to death in their driveway. Constance, of course, is the number one suspect, especially since she and her husband Jimmy were in the process of getting divorced. And it doesn't help matters when she tells the sheriff that the man who killed Jimmy was a demon who handed her his business card after killing Jimmy and that the card read, "Yaman. Demon at large. Murder and mayhem since 550 BC" at which point the demon vanished as did his business card.
Things get even stranger when Constance discovers that she can now see the future and that the demon and his cohort are in town to arrange a meeting between Satan and his bride-to-be, a hot young pop star in town to film a movie. And it is up to Constance to stop this meeting because if Satan succeeds, hello Armageddon, here comes the Antichrist and its the end of the world. But not to worry, Constance is going to have a little help in the form of a talking dog who's really an angel in training, and from the town psychic who happens to me Constance's mother, and from a Catholic priest armed to the teeth with holy guns and blessed ammo and from the ghost of her dead and still bumbling husband Jimmy and finally from the reluctant and disbelieving sheriff who is also an old crush of Constance's and whom she hates because he did her wrong back when they were in high school. The devil doesn't stand a chance!

This was a pretty good story, fun and entertaining although it does have its moments of gore but doesn't dwell on them like some stories seem to do. The demons aren't very scary, mostly just incompetent and frequently amusing. Constance has to thwart the devil's plans while trying to keep herself from being locked up for Jimmy's murder. So even though I could have done without the gore, still it was an amusing read and I enjoyed it.

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