Monday, May 10, 2010


By Nora Ephron

Rachel Samstat thought she was happily married. She was the last one to know that her husband was involved with another woman. At the time this occurred, Rachel had a two year old child and was seven months pregnant.
She asked herself what had gone wrong with her marriage and how she hadn't noticed that her husband was no longer in love with her. Was she too harsh? Was she too distant? Was their marriage truly over or did it have a second chance?
Her husband wants her to come back home. He promises not to see the other woman, he promises that it is all over. So Rachel comes back home but she doesn't trust him any more and it quickly becomes apparent that he isn't living up to his promises. Looks like Rachel is in for more heartache as her marriage goes through its death throes.

I can't say I really cared for this book. It is supposed to be funny and witty but I just found it boring and predictable. The hubby is a complete creep and Rachel a fool for ever giving the two-timing liar a second chance. I don't know why Rachel is so blind to her husband's true feelings but going back to a man who so clearly doesn't give a rat's ass about her is just strange. I also never understood why he was so anxious to get her back. I mean, she is no sooner back in his house than he is making plans with the lover for their future together. He begs and pleads and nags Rachel to come back and the moment she does he starts cheating again. I don't get it.

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