Monday, July 19, 2010

Look Me in the Eye

By John Elder Robison

Ever since he was a little kid, John Elder Robison felt like the odd man out. He couldn't figure out why he seemed to be such a misfit. Add to that his parents' failing marriage, his father's alcoholism and abuse and his mother's slow slide into insanity and it was a recipe for disaster. But John rose above his disadvantages and managed to make a success of himself on his own terms. And it wasn't until he was in his forties that he finally learned he had Asperger's, a milder form of autism.

I really enjoyed this book. Robison writes a fascinating and compelling story about his journey through life learning to cope with his trouble relating to other people and using his amazing talents to have four different successful careers: developing sound systems and special effects for top bands, including KISS; becoming a toy engineer for Milton Bradley without even having a college degree; having a high-end car restoration and repair business; and finally, successful author. His is an amazing story and very much worth reading.

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