Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Girl Who Remembered Snow

By Charles Mathes

Emma was raised by her grandfather, a Frenchman, in San Francisco. He was shot to death and Emma inherited his house. She goes out soon after the funeral to pour his ashes into the sea, where she meets a new Frenchman who seems very taken with her. They arrange to meet but before they can get together again, he is shot and killed in his hotel room, by the same gun that killed her grandfather.
Emma has a mystery on her hands and so she sets off for the Caribbean island where her grandfather lived before coming to California. She hopes something in his past lead to an understanding of why two men were murdered.

This was an OK book. Emma spends quite a bit of it wandering around this island with a local urchin, looking for clues to her grandfather's past. I found this part of the book pretty boring. Eventually she figures out the puzzle which was, I thought, rather improbable and also an unsatisfying way to end the story.

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