Monday, October 18, 2010

Murder Must Wait

By Arthur W. Upfield

Mitford, a small town in Australia, has a serious problem. Four baby boys have been snatched. No ransom has been demanded and the local police are at a loss. Now a fifth baby boy has been stolen but this time the baby's mother has been killed. Fortunately for the local cops, Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte has been sent to oversee the investigation of the missing babies. Using his canny wits, his uncanny tracking ability and with the help of a keen young policewoman, Bony will unravel this strange mystery.

This was a pretty interesting book. Reading about Australia of the 1950s and about Upfield's half Aboriginal detective, Bony, was very interesting. I have only read a couple of these mysteries, as they are hard to find anymore, but I have always enjoyed reading them, this one included.

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