Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whistling in the Dark

By Lesley Kagen

Sally and her little sister Troo are having a rough summer, back in 1959. Their mom is seriously ill in the hospital and they are left to the care of their drunken stepfather and their indifferent older sister, Nell. Plus there is a killer in the area who is targeting young girls about their age. And they are both carrying a lot of baggage from the death of their beloved father a few years ago.
Sally promised her father as he lay dying in the hospital that she would look after Troo and she intends to keep her promise even though Troo is an independent little cuss, prickly and tough. Together the two girls will have one of the most exciting and memorable summers of theirs lives, that is if they can manage to survive the neglect of their supposed caretakers and keep out of the clutches of the killer roaming the neighborhood.

I pretty much enjoyed this story, although at times it seemed a little draggy and repetitive. Not a lot happens until the end, when everything seems to happen at once. But, overall, I'd say it was a good, entertaining read.

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