Monday, January 24, 2011

Devil May Care

By Sheri McInnis

Sally Carpenter is a struggling actor in New York City. While on an audition for small TV role, she falls into casual conversation with a man, a man it later turns out is the head of the network and who, it seems, has taken a bit of a fancy to Sally. Suddenly she finds she is the darling of the network, backed by her powerful new acquaintance. But as she becomes more involved with this man, and as bad things begin to happen, Sally starts to think that this man is the devil. Literally. But that's not the worse part. The worse part is that she loves him.

What to say about this book? First of all, the main character comes off as a nut job. A series of coincidences convince her that her new man is the devil, on the flimsiest of evidence. Second, as a romance novel, the ending just sucked. It was frankly depressing. Third, speaking of depressing, I found the whole book depressing. One of the first things you find out about Sally is that her father killed himself when she was a little girl. And that just sets the tone for the rest of the book. Contrary to the blurbs on the back that proclaimed it to be "genuinely funny" and "clever fun" and to have "dead-on comic timing," this book is most definitely not funny, if anything it is just sad. A real disappointment.

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