Monday, January 24, 2011

Tomorrow is Too Far

By James White

Jim Carson is the head of security at a rocket and jet engine manufacturing plant. It's a huge complex with thousands of employees and Jim has his nose into everything, sniffing out anything that may threaten the security at the plant. So when he suspects that there is a super-secret project at the plant that he has not been informed about, his nose gets put out of joint. And he decides he is going to discover exactly what is going on, for the sake of security. Oddly, he finds out that the super-secret project seems to revolve around a mildly-retarded janitor who works at the plant. But as Jim gets closer discovering whats going on, people start to disappear and die. And Jim maybe next in the killer's sights.

Although this is a science fiction story, it was more like reading a mystery story. The only science-fictiony aspect is the secret project, which the reader doesn't find much about until almost the end of the novel. So that was somewhat disappointing. But, taken as a kind of mystery story, it was a pretty good read. Still, I will rate it only fair, as it was rather short on the science fiction.

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