Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Working Stiff

By Grant Stoddard

Grant Stoddard came to the United States from Britain and decided he wanted to live here. He managed to get a work visa but the place he was working for was foundering and he faced the unhappy prospect of becoming unemployed and no longer eligible to remain in the U.S.
He had entered and won a contest where the prize was to have sex with a sex columnist. He went through with it and the columnist gave his name to people behind, a sex website, with the end result that they offered him a job. A kind of a strange job: he would write about the various sexual adventures that Nerve sent him on. Grant, who wasn't exactly a sexual athlete, found himself doing things that he never imagined. But it was worth it if it meant he didn't have to leave New York and go back to Britain!

Well, this was quite a story. I was not familiar with Stoddard or and some of the things that he writes about are gross, disgusting and very odd. It is quite an adventure story and often rather dismaying. People are so weird! But, nasty as it is, it was still fascinating and I think Grant Stoddard is either a very brave man or just plain bonkers. An unforgettable read.

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