Sunday, December 04, 2011


By David Palmer

Peter Cory was a self-made man, confident, smart, athletic, successful and extremely wealthy. So wealthy that he owned his very own tropical island, equipped with the finest security possible. So how was it possible that the lovely young naked woman had managed to elude said security and invade Peter's highly prized privacy? Add in the talking cat who came with her and Peter's life was about to change direction in ways he could never have imagined. Ways that included the power to alter his appearance at will, and traveling across the galaxy to a distant planet and then fighting his way across that planet battling fearsome monsters every step of the way. He will be tested almost beyond endurance and his survival is the key to the survival of the whole galaxy.

Quite an exciting adventure story as Peter faces the challenges he encounters and manages to come out on top for the most part. I did find the fact that the main character is a little too over the top (even Superman had to worry about kryptonite) and the endless procession of monsters gets a little tedious after awhile and I just skipped over the many technical descriptions, but even so I enjoyed the book a lot.

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