Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bite Me

By Christopher Moore

Third installment in the San Francisco Vampires triology, finds Jody and Tommy still trapped in their bronze coating by their treacherous young friend who goes by the name of Abby Normal. Abby and her boyfriend, Steve, are living in Jody's and Tommy's apartment and thinking all their vampire problems are over now that Jody and Tommy are encased and the old vampire who started it all has sailed away. But not so. Chet, the huge shaved cat, was turned vampire by the old vampire before he left and is now building himself a kitty vampire empire. It isn't too long before the streets of San Francisco are noticeably emptier of street people due to Chet's vampire kitty minions.
Meanwhile, Steve, who developed a cure for vampirism in the last novel, has been conducting experiments on lab rats. Shortly after creating a bunch of vampire rats, he discovers, to his dismay, the vampires' ability to change themselves to mist and it is really hard to keep a rat made of mist in your typical rat cage.
But help is on the way when a clumsy friend of Abby's accidentally gouges Jody's coating and she is able to mist her way out of confinement.
Worse things are on the horizon, however, because the old vampire's minions are in town and their goal is to kill anyone who has any knowledge of the existence of vampires, including Jody, Tommy, Steve, and Abby.

This was an Ok story. I felt poor Chet got a raw deal, it wasn't his fault he got turned into a vampire cat. The author must really hate cats, he has no sympathy for their plight in this story. The two love stories in the novel, Jody and Tommy and Steve and Abby, are also disappointing.
I think part of the problem for me was the story has too much going on, it is just chaotic. And I didn't really get the ending to the Jody part of the story; it had been quite a while since I read the second book in the series and I had forgotten the effect of vampire blood on a human. I assume it's good but it would have been nice if the author could have refreshed the reader's memory on that bit of trivia.
And finally, the main character is Abby, and I don't really like the Abby character: bratty, spoiled, vulgar children are not amusing or appealing to me.

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