Friday, June 01, 2012


By Raymond Haigh

Set in Britain, this story starts out with the beautiful Samantha Quest, ex-agent, putting a gun to the head of a handsome, young male escort and forcing him to divulge the names and details of some of his local clients.  It's all part of her new job as a private investigator, and in the course of the story, she will investigate, for a worried father, what is bothering his teen daughter, for a government official why her boss is getting death threats, and a local prostitution ring that has fingers in lots of criminal pies, including arming terrorists. Meanwhile, said terrorists are bombing the rail lines and  synagogues and Samantha's former boss is pressuring her to take up her old job as government agent and assassin.

I really liked this book. It was exciting and it grabbed me from the start and it only took me two days to read it, that's how enthralling I found it. Even though her investigations start out pretty small, exposing straying wives and getting anxious teens to confide in her, it leads to much bigger things. And towards the last part of the book, she is meting out justice to those who deserve it the most. Very satisfying and I wouldn't mind reading more Samantha Quest novels.

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