Saturday, June 02, 2012


By Tanith Lee

 Artemis was at a school for young ladies when she took a tumble and hit her head and suddenly started to remember things about her past that she had forgotten. She remembered being a little girl, at her mother's side, as her mother led her crew of pirates in raids. Now obsessed with this memory, she escapes from the school and goes looking for her mother's gang of pirates.  She finds them, but they claim her mother was never a real pirate,  she was an actress, playing the role of pirate captain on stage.
But Artemis knows her memories are not those of someone just playing a part, she remembers in vivid detail the events at sea and the various ports her mother's ship visited. Somehow, she talks her mother's old gang into joining her in returning to the sea and following in her mother's footsteps and into piracy.

Somehow the author wants the reader to believe that piracy is an acceptable occupation if you don't kill anyone or take people's treasured mementos. This is just stupid. It is still thievery and Artemis is not a role model for teenage girls.  The whole book is kind of ridiculous, and not in a good way, although it seemed to me that the author intended Artemis to be a beacon of courage and good sportmanship, the fact is that Artemis is just a thief and a criminal.  And besides that, the book was just not that interesting.

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