Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Marquis Takes a Bride

By Marion Chesney

Jennie Bemyss was young and inexperienced and sure she was in love with Guy Chalmers, whom she had known since childhood. But marrying Guy was out of the question because Jenny was already promised to another ... the Marquis of Charrington.
Their marriage had been arranged many years before. The Marquis really had no intention of following through on those arrangements, that is until he actually met Jenny. But it was also clear to him that Jenny's heart belonged to another. So the Marquis hatched a plan, to marry Jenny and to woo her away from Guy Chalmers.  He proposed a marriage of convenience with Miss Jenny. And Jenny agreed because marriage with the Marquis would mean finally getting away from her dreary rural life and getting to enjoy high society in London, plus getting to be close to Guy Chalmers too.
But the plan didn't work as the Marquis wanted. Jenny couldn't seem to see Guy for the low-down, lying, conniving creep that he really was. The Marquis began to think he made a terrible mistake in marrying Jenny and Jenny began to think her new husband was trying to kill her.

This was a pretty good read. One thing I liked about it was the lack of lasciviousness. So many more recent romances are more like reading porn, which doesn't appeal to me. However, with the plot to murder Jenny, the story was a little grim for my taste, I prefer a lighter fare, especially if I am reading a romance.  I expect it in a murder mystery, but don't really want it in a romance. But other than that, I enjoyed the story.

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