Monday, March 18, 2013

Miss Julia Stands Her Ground

By Ann B. Ross

Miss Julia is an older woman who has had to deal with some tough issues in the past. After her husband died, leaving Julia a wealthy widow, she discovered he had a secret life, when his lover and their child showed up at Julia's door. Then another will appeared that would have left Julia without any money at all. But Julia managed to cope and triumph, and even to find new love with a new husband. And she even brought the dead husband's lover and her child into her home to live, despite the objections of many in the community.
So now Miss Julia can sit back and relax and enjoy life a little. Or not. Because trouble is knocking at her door again in the form of that pesky Vernon Puckett who is still conniving to get his hands on Julia's dead husband Springer's money. He claims he has proof that Little Lloyd is not Springer's child and he has also brought along a man who is a dead ringer for the dead Springer  and he says he is Little Lloyd's true father. But Miss Julia is no push-over and she will do whatever it takes to keep her new little family together.

I hadn't read a Miss Julia story before I read this one but despite that the story was fairly easy to follow and the author did take quite a bit of time to recap past history, which helped a lot.  Miss Julia seems to overreact a bit when problems arise, but she is still an interesting character and not above using her position as creditor to many of the town's prominent citizens to blackmail folks into doing what she wants. That's kind of despicable and unscrupulous, except she only seems to use her power for good, making her friends and neighbors treat her dead husband's lover and his child with the same courtesy and consideration that they give to Julia.  Anyway, it makes for a fairly interesting story, with a pretty predictable outcome in the end.

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