Saturday, August 03, 2013

Isle of Palms

By Dorothea Benton Frank

Anna didn't have a happy childhood. Her mom was a tad indifferent, her father conservative and busy, her grandmother harsh and judgmental. But the one thing Anna really cared about was the place where she lived, Isle of Palms. Close to Charleston, South Carolina, Isle of Palms was where Anna wanted to be. But after her mom died and her grandmother moved in, her father moved them away from the island. It left a hole in Anna's life and a yearning that took her years to gratify.
After being drugged and raped on a date in high school, Anna became pregnant. Her best friend Jim stepped up and married her. But Jim was a homosexual and the marriage soon floundered. Anna moved back in with her dad and began a career as a hair stylist, just plugging away at life, taking care of her dad and her daughter, coping but not really enjoying life. But after her daughter went off to college, Anna decided she wanted to move back to the Isle of Palms. She bought herself a little house, opened her own salon and met an exciting new man. And with the help of her best friend, some new friends, some old friends and even with the help of her stodgy old father, Anna is finally feeling like she has come home.

I enjoyed reading about Anna and her interesting and often funny life, like the night she and her new boyfriend got naked on the dock, then climbed into a boat because Anna felt too exposed on the dock. They both fell asleep and the boat drifted away from the dock and out to sea. Fortunately and unfortunately, they were discovered by the coast guard and had to resort to wearing garbage bags to cover their nakedness. It was a good story and I liked Anna and all her fun and annoying friends and family.

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