Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Zero Point

By Neal Asher

Book Two of The Owner, opens with a new dictator, Serene Galahad, seizing power on Earth and eliminating all threats and potential threats with bloodthirsty efficiency. She wants to save the Earth from humanity and has released a plague called Scour which wipes out half the people. She then threw the blame for the plague on Saul, the man who has taken over the space station Argus. She follows that up with launching an attack on the Argus, sending a space plane after the space station, which is now fleeing towards Mars. It will take the plane months to catch up with the Argus, giving the space station some time to develop new weapons and defenses.
But Alan Saul is laying on a hospital bed, half his brain destroyed by an assassin's bullet. Nevertheless, he was able to transfer his consciousness to the space station's computer system with some limited success. Although he is still running everything on the station, he is no longer capable of communicating rationally.

I liked this story, but not as much as I did the first book in the series. The main character from the first book, Saul, spends much of this book out of the story. The lead is taken over by his companion, Hannah, who tries to fill in for Saul while he lies unconscious. He does wake up later on, but still seems to be less of a leading character than before, which is too bad, because I thought he was very interesting in the first book. The book devotes more time to the villain Serene Galahad than it does that of the hero, Saul. We get to watch her have her father gutted and tortured and have a group of hunters condemned to die via Vlad Tepes' impalement method. I could have done without all that needless gore.
There is a third book in the series, Jupiter War, but I don't think I will be reading it. I liked the ending of this book and am not really that interested in continuing the story.

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