Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lest Darkness Fall

By L. Sprague de Camp

Martin Padway, archaeologist, suddenly finds himself translated from modern day Rome to the Rome of the 500s AD.
An intelligent and well-informed man, Martin, now Martinus, manages to parlay his modern knowledge into a living. His first enterprise was distilling wine into brandy, which is a big hit. He makes a printing press and starts a newspaper. He also sets about creating a kind of telegraph system. His ultimate goal is to prevent the Dark Ages from engulfing Europe. So he becomes involved in politics and eventually ends up leading troops into battle.

The first part of this story was quite interesting and fun, with Martin adapting to local conditions and developing his "inventions"  and becoming involved with the people. But then he gets wrapped up in politics and warfare, which was really not interesting to me, especially the descriptions of the battles. I just skipped those parts. So, mostly, I found the book boring.

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