Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer Sisters

By Judy Blume

Victoria (Vix) and Caitlin come from opposite sides of the tracks. Caitlin is pretty, rich and popular. Vix is smart, quiet and ignored.  Out of the blue, Caitlin invites Vix to spend the summer with her and her dad at Martha's Vineyard.
Vix and Caitlin are pretty much opposites. Vix is more practical and Caitlin is flaky. After that first summer together where Vix gets to know Caitlin's family and they both get to know the local boys, Caitlin and Vix go on to spend every summer together which they do for several years.
As teens one summer, Vix and Caitlin become involved with two local boys, relationships that will affect the rest of their adult lives. Vix likes Bru and Caitlin likes Von, but Vix then makes out with Von and the two girls get into a fight over it, with Vix accusing Caitlin of setting the whole thing up.
Bru eventually asks Vix to marry him but she declines, thinking that the two of them want different things in life. The book actually starts with Caitlin calling Vix to inform her that Caitlin is marrying Bru and that she want Vix to be her maid of honor. Vix is so upset by this news that she has to run to the bathroom and vomit.
Vix goes on to make a good life for herself and gets married and has kids. Caitlin drifts through life, spending most of her time in Europe. She never seems to settle down or grow up compared to Vix, who lives a normal, everyday life.

An interesting portrait of two teen girls growing up together, growing close then growing apart, for various reasons. Caitlin pretty crashes and burns and Vix manages to make something good out of her life despite the toxic influence of her friend, Caitlin.

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