Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Four Graces

By D.E. Stevenson

The four graces are Liz, Sal, Tilly and Addie Grace. Of the three, only Addie has moved away from home and lives in World War II London. Sal and Tilly are homebodies but Liz works on a farm and is more outgoing than the other two.
The three young women still live at home with their widowed father, who is the vicar of their small community, Chevis Green. The war hasn't touched their lives much, apart from the rationing. That is until three new people disrupt the placid tenure of their lives.
First to appear is Captain Roderick Herd. At first it seems he is interested in Addie but then he starts spending a lot of time with Liz.
Next to arrive is William Single, archaeologist, who will be staying at the Vicarage while he investigates the nearby Roman ruins. He is a large, calm man and fits in very nicely with the Grace family.
Last to arrive is Aunt Rona, refugee from London. Her house was near a bomb explosion and all the windows were blown out. Given the war, it is unlikely her windows can be repaired, so she needs a place to stay and has found it at the Vicarage.
Problem is that Aunt Rona is a pill. She constantly talks about her "friends" whom the Graces don't know. She tries to manage everyone and that is annoying to the family. Finally, her worse sin is that she is trying to maneuver the Vicar into marrying her! That would ruin life at the Vicarage forever!

This was quite an enjoyable read. It is a mild romantic comedy and the Graces are charming and sympathetic characters. There are no torrid love scenes and no high drama, it is just a sweet story.

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