Saturday, December 05, 2015

A Rumpole Christmas

By John Mortimer

A collection of five short stories, featuring Rumpole and centered on the Christmas season.
In Rumpole and Father Christmas, Santa pays a visit to Chambers and leaves with something a little extra in his bag.
Rumpole's Slimmed Down Christmas  finds Mr & Mrs Rumpole spending the holiday at a fat farm.
Rumpole and the Boy sees Rumpole playing a fatherly role to a boy whose mother is standing trial for blackmail.
In Rumpole and the Old Familiar Faces, Rumpole and wife are off to the country for Christmas, where Rumpole encounters an old client.
And finally, Rumpole and the Christmas Break, sees Rumpole defending a Muslim accused in a religious murder.

All the stories are good and are typical Rumpole stories. If you are a fan of Rumpole, you will enjoy this slim volume of Rumpole stories. I know I did.

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