Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rumpole Misbehaves

By John Mortimer

Rumpole has entered a bit of a dry patch when a nice juicy murder is handed to him. Graham Wetherby was discovered standing over the body of a young prostitute in her bedroom by her maid. The maid locked him in the bedroom and called the police. It seems like a clear case of murder.
Rumpole takes the case and with a little investigation discovers the dead woman was a Russian who was smuggled into the country to work as a prostitute along with several other foreign women.
Rumpole is also dealing with the other members of his chambers. They decided that the chambers would no longer allow people to eat, drink or smoke in their offices, all of which Rumpole is in the habit of doing. Of course, he disregards the new rules and carries on as usual only to find himself being charged with an ASBO, an anti-social behavior order. If he is found guilty, he could actually have to spend time behind bars!
At the same time, he has decided he might like to stop being a junior and become a QC, a queen's counsel. To do so, he has to get the help of a judge and appear before a committee. But getting the help of a judge is going to be tricky, since Rumpole has angered every judge he has ever appeared before. But if he becomes a QC, maybe he will finally get the respect he deserves and, most importantly, make his wife happy.

This was good and entertaining read. Rumpole is up to his usual tricks and saves his clients through a series of coincidences.  At times I found the story a little draggy, especially towards the end. It was fun, though, to revisit Rumpole's world with its cast of characters so familiar from the TV series.

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