Friday, May 27, 2016


By Marne Davis Kellogg

Cyrus Vaile is having a party and Lilly Bennett, rich, privileged, snobbish private detective is invited. She goes, dreading it, because Cyrus is the epitome of the dirty old man who will make a pass at anything in a skirt. At the party, Cyrus tell Lilly he needs her help investigating the disappearance of a twenty million dollar fund set up to benefit the local thespian society, the Roundup Repertory Theater. But Cyrus dies at the party and Lilly, trained in criminology and toxicology, recognizes the signs of digitalis poisoning.
Pretty soon Lilly is knee deep in all the drama and drama queens of the Roundup Repertory Theater and, inevitably, becomes the target of the killer too.

This was an OK read. I personally did not care for the main character, Lilly Bennett, born in the lap of luxury and who has never had to worry about paying her bills, and who has a history of sleeping with other women's husbands. Another problem I had with the novel is the deathbed confession of the murderer. So corny when the killer spills the beans because they think they have the upper hand but don't really.
This book is a typical entry in the murder mystery genre, nothing special about it or particularly interesting either.

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