Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Shirt. No Shoes.... No Problem!

By Jeff Foxworthy

Foxworthy looks back on his growing-up days and relates lots of funny stories about his relatives, his friends and himself. As it quickly becomes apparent, a lot of his "Redneck" jokes are based on things he saw or heard about or even did himself. Reading about the things he and his friends used to get up to makes me wonder not if they were rednecks, but if they were completely bonkers.

This is funny stuff. Laugh-out-loud funny, in fact. I enjoyed the book tremendously. And there are some handy quizzes in the back for the reader take to expose out their own redneckedness.

However, I am going to label this book as fiction too, because I just don't believe some of the stories he tells in the book. They have just got to be made-up.

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