Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Day of Dissonance (Spellsinger Book 3)

By Alan Dean Foster

Jon-Tom and Mudge are off on a quest together. Clothahump, the wizard, is very ill and needs medicine that can only be found at a shop on the other side of the ocean. So Jon-Tom sets forth, first to get Mudge out of the brothel he is roistering in and then to cross the uncrossable Muddletup Moors and then the ocean, fighting off pirates and Jon-Tom's own unpredictable spells, gaining new friends and allies in the process and, of course, encountering and vanquishing new foes. They have lots of adventures, gain new comrades, including a young woman, Folly, a tigress, Roseroar, and a homosexual unicorn, Drom and, when they finally arrive at their destination, cause the shop owner so many problems that after they leave she hangs out a sign, "OUT TO LUNCH. BACK IN TEN THOUSAND YEARS."

This was a pretty good story. Lots of adventures, with Jon-Tom trying his hand at a lot more spellsongs than in the previous two books. As with all his efforts at casting spells, his spells always work out but with unforeseen consequences. It's makes for an interesting escape to strange, different place with endless possibilities. Mainly, the story is just a bunch of unlikely adventures for the main characters to experience. Kind of pointless but still an enjoyable read.

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