Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Hunters

By Jack Lovejoy

Several hundred years afters the Hunters invaded and conquered Earth, a band of humans has managed to elude the Hunters and survive in northern Canada. They were fortunate enough to stumble upon this area where a strong magnetic anomaly exists that seems to foil the Hunter's instruments. Human knowledge has been carefully husbanded and handed down over the generations but knowledge of the outside world is scant. Thelon, a young scout and hunter, decides it is time to set out and try to gain some information about the alien Hunters and, if possible try to contact other human outposts. So he sets forth on a journey south and has lots of adventures, kills an alien monster, rescues a beautiful maiden, is captured by a group of degraded soldiers and eventually ends up in the alien's vessel where he finally gets a good look at mankind's implacable enemy, the Hunters, who have taken over the Earth in order to turn it into a giant game preserve, stocked with alien animals for the Hunters' hunting pleasure.

This was an exciting and enjoyable story and Thelon a very appealing and likable character. He has lots of exciting adventures and the story is prefaced by several chapters recounting the events that led to the current situation, as experienced by Thelon's ancestors. It was an very readable and engrossing book, I liked it a lot.

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