Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Don of the Dead

By Casey Daniels

Pepper Martin had a pretty easy life. That is until her father was convicted of fraud and sent to prison. Everything Pepper took for granted was gone: loving parents, comfortable family home, wealthy fiancee, secure future. And that's how she ended up as a tour guide for a cemetery.
But after she bumped her head on a tombstone, Pepper's life took a turn for the weird. Because now she is being pursued by a dead man, Augustino Scarpetti, the gangster. He is pestering Pepper to find out who gunned him down back in the 1960s. The police concluded he'd been killed by a rival gang but his murderer was never brought to justice. And until the murderer is revealed Don Scarpetti cannot rest in peace. And he isn't going to give Pepper any peace until she is able to do what the police could not or would not do forty years ago. Only problem is that mobster organizations really don't appreciate strangers poking their noses into their private business, even if that business is forty years in the past.

This was a pretty good story, your basic mystery story with a supernatural twist. It's also obviously the first in what is intended to be a series, as Pepper meets two eligible guys but hooks up with neither. And at the end of the story a new ghost, sent by the dead Don, approaches Pepper for help.

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