Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good in Bed

By Jennifer Weiner

Cannie is a woman in her late twenties and one of the most important things in her life is that she is a tad overweight, about 40 pounds or so. Also she is rather tall, about 5' 10", so she is quite a big person.  Her father made some uncaring remarks just as she was entering her vulnerable teen years and ever since, her weight has mattered a lot more to her than to anyone else, especially the men in her life.
At the start of the story, she has just ended a three year relationship with Bruce because she realized he was not the right guy for her. But then Bruce has a magazine article published describing what is was like to be in love with a larger woman and Cannie gets thrown for a loop and ends up deciding that Bruce is the love of her life. This despite the fact that he has moved on and wants nothing to do with her. And then things get even more complicated for her.

Cannie is her own worse enemy, from her unrealistic view of her own body to her chasing after a man no longer interested to her breakdown towards in the latter part of the story. She consistently fails to appreciate her own qualities and the love that surrounds her. Which sounds pretty depressing, but this is not, for the most part, a depressing story because the Cannie character is witty and often quite amusing. I liked this novel mostly for its humor.

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