Wednesday, August 15, 2012


By Lily Proir

Arcadio is a lonely man. So when a new woman arrives in his small community, he decides she is the mate he for whom he has been longing. Unforutnately the woman, Fernanda, is not interested. So Arcadio set out to woo her but nothing works. He falls into a deep depression and is hospitalized in a coma. Meanwhile Fernanda is working in a butcher shop for  Primo, who is also smitten by Fernanda. He also sets his sights on her, but she seems to be just as indiffferent to Primo as she is to Arcadio.
Meanwhile, the district nurse, Concetta is in love with the local physician, Dr. Croce and he with her, but their reticence prevents them from declaring themselves. Also, Concetta's mule, Gezabel, is in love with Arcadio, but of course her love is unrequited. The  mule serves as the narrator of the story.

Well, this was a kind of silly story, with strange nonsense like an angel baby sprouting wings and flying away and other such things. I suppose some folks like that kind of stuff, but I am not one of them. I think I would have enjoyed the story a lot more without all the baloney. But, if you can get past the nonsense, then it is a pretty good story about two men chasing after the same woman, a woman who is probably not worth all the effort put forth on her behalf.

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