Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blade Dancer

By S. L. Viehl

It's the future and humanity takes a dim view of aliens and human/alien crossbreeds. So Jory Rask has been very careful to keep her alien attributes well hidden. A professional ball player, she is famous and popular, as long as no one finds out the truth. Her mother, who is an alien, becomes ill and dies. Her mother was also living on Earth illegally and so Jory tries to hide her body in a grave in the desert, only to be caught in the act and the truth of her birth revealed to the world. She gets deported, sent in to space and out of human territory and she decides to visit her mother's home world, a place Jory has never seen. There she connects with a group of young half-breeds like herself. Although her mother's people are more accepting of crossbreeds than humans, but even so the crossbreeds feel isolated and constrained and decide to travel off-planet with Jory. Because it turns that their mothers were a group of females who were captured by slavers of various breeds, including humans,  and subsequently raped and impregnated by their captors. And after they were rescued, they all returned to their native planet, except for Jory's mother, who chose to take her baby to live in hiding and exile on Earth. So now the group of young people has found each other and have banded together and decided to track down and bring to justice the male creatures who dishonored their mothers. But first they will have to get some training and so they all agree to enroll in a school for elite assassins, the Tana.

I guess my major objection to this story was the idea of alien/human crossbreeds. I just didn't find that whole concept believable.  But if you can put that aside, then it is a pretty good story about a group of outcasts who manage to bond and overcome the obstacles in their way.

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