Tuesday, December 25, 2012

California Demon

By Julie Kenner

Katie Connor was a retired demon hunter, trying to raise her two kids like any normal person. But circumstances kind of forced her back into her old profession, tracking and killing demons, all without anyone in her family knowing.
Her oldest child is fourteen and starting to be very interested in boys. While attending an event at her daughter's school, Kate stumbles across a demon who is looking for a book hidden in the school. Kate finds the book and takes it to the Catholic church to keep it out of the hands of any other demons who may come looking for it. Unfortunately, this draws the attention of other demons who are determined to regain possession of the book. And one of the demons just might be a boy that Kate's daughter likes. How to protect her family and keep the demons from completing  their hellish rituals keeps Kate hopping.

I didn't like this book. I found too violent, with Kate in frequent clashes with the local demons. I really got tired of the frequent battle scenes. I also didn't like the author's idea that the demons take over the bodies of people who have suffered near-death events. That was just plain mean-spirited. Here this Kate character is slaughtering these poor unfortunates instead of getting them the help they need, namely an exorcism. She kills these possessed people then hides their bodies in the crypt of the Catholic church, leaving their loved ones to grieve, not ever knowing what happened.  Also, the book is billed as funny, but it's just not. It's just not.

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