Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell

Harry Harrison

Jim diGriz may be facing one of his most devilish opponents yet when his wife Angelina goes missing after paying a visit to a local temple. Jim attempts to track down his missing wife, only to find himself transported to "Hell."
Not being familiar with the lore of the Christian religion, Jim doesn't really make the "Hell" connection. He only knows it is brutally hot, volcanic place inhabited by deranged, red people who want to eat him.
After being rescued, Jim and his cohorts figure out that the temple and others like it are used to lure rich people to finance a madman's plan to gain eternal life for himself. The man, Professor Slakey, has managed not only to create a transporter that connects to other universes, but has also duplicated himself multiple times in order to create an army of Slakeys dedicated to obtaining unnildecnovum, an element that reverses entropy, thereby granting the possessor the key to eternal life. Jim and the rest will have to move heaven and hell if they are going to rein in the mad professor.

This was a pretty good read. Jim and company find themselves in all kinds of strange situations as they try to deal with the wily professor. Lots of adventure and intriguing challenges as they unravel the trail of their adversary.

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