Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Graveyard Book

By Neil Gaiman

Nobody Owens is just a normal kid. Except he lives in a graveyard and his foster parents are ghosts, as are most of his friends and companions.
As a toddler, Bod's whole family was killed by the man Jack, who missed little Bod because Bod had wandered outside. But Jack is still determined to destroy the whole family and so is trying to track down Bod. But Bod has found refuge in the graveyard where the ghosts take him in and where an undead man agrees to be his guardian.
Life outside the graveyard is dangerous, especially for Bod with Jack continuing to look for him. But life inside the graveyard isn't exactly safe either as Bod discovers when he encounters the Sleer in an ancient barrow or when Bod is snatched by ghouls intending to eat him for supper. But throughout it all, Bod comes out on top and learns to cope not only with the world of the grave but with the world outside also, dangers and all.

This was a fun and interesting read, as Bod lives with a foot in either world. It isn't really a novel, but more a series of short stories about the life of Bod. I enjoyed it tremendously.

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