Friday, June 19, 2015

City Girl, Country Vet

By Cathy Woodman

Maz in a veterinarian working in London. She has become involved with her boss. But he has decided to go back to his wife and now Maz has not only lost her lover, but she has also lost her job.
Emma, an old friend and fellow vet, wants to take an extended vacation and has asked Maz to fill in for her at her practice in rural England. Maz has her doubts, but eventually decides to do it.
Maz takes over the practice. But problems ensue, including money problems that Emma failed to mention. The locals are a bit judgmental and a rival vet has lots of nasty things to say about Emma and Maz. The only bright spot in Maz's life is Alex, also a vet, who seems interested in Maz. Trouble is, the angry rival vet is his father. Can Maz really trust anything this man says or is he just a spy for the oppostion?

I was disappointed in this story. Maz seems to be, at times, almost incompetent at her job. She makes too many mistakes, doesn't seem to know how to deal with people and goes from bad to worse. It was all rather depressing. Even the concluding events were depressing, with an old woman choosing to commit suicide due to Maz's charging into the woman's home and threatening to take all her cats and dogs away and with Alex ending up in the hospital in a coma.

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