Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Brief Encounters

By Dick Cavett

Columns by Cavett from the online NewYork Times, where Dick Cavett looks back at some of the famous, talented people who have crossed his path, people like Arthur Godfrey, Stan Laurel, Groucho Marx and Jonathan Winters.
Most of the people mentioned will be familiar to older folks but these columns are also an intriguing introduction to those who don't know that much about them. Like Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, about whom Cavett recommends reading Furious Love by Kashner and Schoenberger.
Cavett also bids fond farewell to some of the more recently departed: Dick Clark, Nora Ephron, James Gandolfini and others.

A nice trip down memory lane, it was fun reading about the icons of my childhood like Laurel and Hardy. I loved their movies and I loved the Marx Brothers movies and I loved Jonathan Winters too. Reading about them brought back that enjoyment, those good feelings experienced watching their shenanigans.

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