Thursday, August 13, 2015

No Enemy But Time

By Michael Bishop

Ever since he was a little boy, John has experienced vivid dreams about ancient Africa, at the time of homo habilis. His dreams seem to be a direct connection to the past, as attested by his accurate descriptions of the flora and fauna encountered.
John was the son of a Spanish hustler and an American soldier. Abandoned by his mother, he was adopted by the Monegals and taken to the USA to live. As a teen he had a falling out with his mother and left her and his sister and went to Florida to work as a laborer, still haunted by his dreams of the past.
In Florida, he falls in with a scientist who is working with the military to develop a kind of time machine and they want to send John back to the land of his dreams, since his connection to that time will be instrumental in getting him there.

I didn't really understand the mechanism for the time travel in this story. He doesn't actually go into our past but goes to a place similar to our past? I don't know, it was beyond my ability to grasp the idea. Anyway, while there, he falls in love with a hominid girl and becomes a member of her little tribe. I found that part kind of unbelievable. He is attracted to an ape woman. Really? That's messed up.
Anyway, the best part of the book is the time he spends in the past.  The rest of it was okay, but not as interesting.
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