Wednesday, August 31, 2016

AsapSCIENCE: Answers to the World's Weirdest Questions, Most Persistent Rumors & Unexplained Phenomena

By Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown

Just like the title says, Moffit and Brown look at things that people sometimes wonder about their bodies.

The book has seven chapters:

1. Resolving Persistent Questions, Rumors, and Weird Phenomena: Does being cold make you sick? Are silent farts more deadly? Does shaving make your hair grow thicker? Etc.

2.Body Talk: Brain Farts. The science of bad breath. Why are men so hairy? Etc.

3. Hypotheticals: Just two sections, Could a zombie apocalypse happen? What if you stopped going outside?

4. Sensory Perception: Why do we get pins and needles? Why do we itch? Why does time feel faster as we age? Etc.

5. Hot Sex and Other Amorous Pursuits: The science of sexy. The science of heartbreak. The science of orgasms. Etc.

6. Getting to the Bottom of Bad Behavior: The science of swearing. The science of lying. The science of procrastination. The scientific hangover cure.

7. Dreaming, Waking, Napping, Sleeping: The scientific power of naps. The science of morning wood. What are eye boogers? And more.

Things are explained in clear, easy-to-understand language, using an engaging and often humorous style and accompanied by profuse, charming illustrations.  An enjoyable and fairly short read for those who have inquiring minds.

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