Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Blue Limbo

By Terence M. Green

Mitch Helwig is a cop in the not-too-distant future. Together with another police, Sam Karoulis, they put a big dent in a very powerful criminal organization. But that organization has friends within the police department and a bomb is planted with the intention of killing both Mitch and Sam. But they escape unharmed.
Mitch is in the middle of a painful divorce and it has knocked him a little off balance. He is prone to overreact and to rage and when it becomes apparent that he and Sam were the actual targets of the bombing, he becomes a one-man wrecking crew, arming himself with a variety of dangerous weapons and defensive equipment. It only gets worse when Sam is murdered.
In this future time, a technique has been developed to enable deceased brains to enjoy a short time of reanimation. It's called Blue Limbo because those who have been subjected to the procedure seem to perceive nothing except blueness surrounding them. Mitch rushes Sam's body to the hospital which does the Blue Limbo procedure and Sam is able to identify his killer.
Mitch is itching to take down the responsible parties but his elderly father has been kidnapped by the killers. That isn't going to protect them from their doom. Mitch Helwig is coming for them.

This was an exciting and touching story of a man dealing with his demons, coming to realize the importance of friends and family and of doing his best to right some serious wrongs. I enjoyed it a lot.

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