Monday, January 30, 2017


By Neil Ravin

William Ryan has just started his internship at a prestigious New York City hospital. A young man of strong principles, nevertheless he becomes involved with a beautiful, successful but married cardiologist. He also has a series of on again off again romantic entanglements with nurses and a patient being treated for recurring bouts of cancer.
However, his principles do cause him to fall victim to hospital politics and jeopardize his blossoming medical career.
But mainly this book is more about being an intern in a big city hospital and less about Ryan's less-than-satisfying romantic life. It has lots of medical details, some of it quite gruesome. Because, unlike horror stories, the horrors of illness are reality.

This was a pretty interesting story. But if you are  the least bit of a hypochondriac, avoid this book. There are just too many disturbing descriptions of the many ways your body can screw you over.

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