Tuesday, January 31, 2017

No Time for Sergeants

By Mac Hyman

It's World War II and Will Stockdale hasn't received the four letters sent to him from the draft board and now they are coming to forcibly remove him from his rural home with his father and stick Will in the military.
Will is not reluctant to go but his father puts up a fight, the end result of which is that Will goes but with a reputation for trouble-making, a reputation that will dog him from the very start of his time in the military.
Will is a sort of yokel superman, expert at shooting pool, strong enough to bend steel with his bare hands, and able to drink experienced drinkers under the table. But really he is an amiable guy who just wants to get along with people but whose lack of experience and understanding constantly cause him to get into trouble. But, despite the ill will of his superiors in the military, Will keeps coming out on top.

This was an amusing book. Will is a sort of unbelievable character, with his powers and abilities so much greater than that of his fellow humans. But the fixes he gets himself into and out of are well worth the read.

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