Thursday, June 29, 2017

Holidays in Hell

By P.J. O'Rourke

O'Rourke sets off the discover life in some of the trouble spots and places of interest around the world:

  • A Ramble Through Lebanon
  • Seoul Brothers
  • Panama Banal
  • Third World Driving Hints and Tips
  • What Do They Do for Fun in Warsaw?
  • Weekend Getaway: Heritage USA
  • The Post-Marcos Philippines
  • Christmas in El Salvador
  • At Sea with the America's Cup
  • Intellectual Wilderness, Ho
  • In Whitest Africa
  • Through Darkest America: Epcot Center
  • Among the Euro-Weenies
  • Thirty-six Hours in Managua
  • Through Darkest America, Part II
  • Mexican Border Idyll
  • The Holyland—God's Monkey House
Even though written in the 1980s, O'Rourke's tour still has a lot of interesting points to make about these modern times. I admit, at times I found it a bit boring. But even though dated, it is still an important look at the trouble spots and troublesome spots around the world.

Written during the era of President Reagan, O'Rourke's disdain for the Republican Idol comes through loud and clear:
"The last time an old, sick, addled American president (Roosevelt) sat down with a Soviet leader who'd had great press ("Uncle" Joe Stalin), half of Europe was given away."
Now the USA has another "old, sick, addled" president, Donald Trump, who is also no match for a dangerous, tyrannical Russian leader, Vlad Putin.
O'Rourke is a conservative Republican. I wonder what he thinks of the latest addition  to the senile president lineup?

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